Graudit version 1.2 release

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Graudit version 1.2 is finally out. Here It fixes several gripes I've (and other) had with some of the signatures. There are less false positives, the default signatures are aimed easier to detect vulnerabilities, there is a new signature set called other which focuses more on comments left by developers. Some bug fixes and better POSIX compliance for graudit. Better documentation (should be better still). And finally, if you get yours from github there is a Makefile and a basic test harness in place to ensure that future releases remain "quality".

Most notably though, the signature changes is what most people will enjoy.

You can obtain the latest version from the graudit download page.


After wget from url gived in the article :

user@host:/tmp$ md5 graudit-1.2.tar.gz
dd513e8663ab1bcfe61a034823c75d8f graudit-1.2.tar.gz

The MD5 sum are not good. WTF ?!


Thanks for pointing that out. The files were updated after I fixed a bug in my Makefile. I forgot to update the md5sums in the article and project page to match the new files.

I have updated them now. This is why I usually don't release on a Friday.

A newer version of graudit has been released since this post was made. Please check the Graudit project page for the latest version.

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