October is security awareness month

Granted we are well into October by now, but what better time could there be to officially launch this blog?

There are several tweaks I would like to do to this blog, such as decide on a design I really like, but it can wait. There is no use in having a nice looking blog with no content, so I will worry about the design once I have a few posts to my name.

I don't wish to limit myself too much by writing a "what can you expect from this blog" post, so suffice to say I will try to keep it in the solution line, or perhaps better described as the 'If you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem" approach. I really don't think we need another outlet for security problems to be piled up with little or no hope for a fix being offered. So hence forth my goal is to publish two posts a week (more if I can) for as long as I can.
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