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It is time for another graudit release, and this time it includes some big changes.
  • New PHP signatures
  • Improved C signatures for fewer false positives
  • Improved dotnet signatures
  • Whitespace neutrality for all signatures
  • -l operator lists available databases
  • -x operator for excluding files
  • configure script added to make chain
  • Makefile install targets changed, install is now server wide
Package maintainers should take note of the last change. The make file currently supports the old style home directory install (make user install), but that is deprecated and will be dropped as ./configure --prefix /home/user/bin --dbdir /home/user/.graudit;make install does the same thing.
I have also added some scripts from my talks, you can find them in the aux directory. There are no install rules for them so they are only available from within the graudit-1.7_src tarball. My thanks to the people who contributed with patches and bug reports, keep them coming.

You can download the latest version from the graudit download page.

Tool review: Halberd

Like most of my favourite tools halberd does one thing, and does it well. It tries to detect individual servers behind a load balancer. The idea behind it is not new, but this is the best put together tool that I have used. It even handles multiple A records right off the bat. It is a little short on documentation and the error messages could be better, but it's still a great reconnaissance/testing tools for pen testers and system administrators alike.

Grab your copy today from http://halberd.superadditive.com/

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