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I have nominated EWTS (evil website testing suite) for best new project on sourceforge. It's optimistic as ewts is still in its early infancy, but I am hoping that it will make some more noise.
If you agree with the idea behind ewts then please show your support by clicking on the vote button in the side bar or this link.
This might just be the first documented case of a distributed EDoS or DDo$ as many call it. The founders of the filesharing/torrent site thepiratebay has come up with an ingenious solution to hit back at the 30 million SEK fine with. If sufficient amounts of people contribute it will cost the recipient of the settlement sum more money than they receive while creating a web of contributers that will not be feasible to prosecute. We have not seen the end of this.

It's not new, but if you haven't yet read Christopher Hoff's blog post on the existing and foreseeable cloud abuse I would recommend that you check it out now. Out of all the issues I am actually hoping to see some meatcloud abuse as it tends to be pretty funny, like the recent mARBLECAKE, ALSO THE GAME stunt.

Back online

You might have noticed that we had an outage over the weekend. It was caused by hardware problems followed by one of the stranger linux bugs I have encountered to date. Never the less we're back in the tubes with some minor configuration tasks left until the morning. The good news is that we had the option to upgrade during the outage and got that out of the way.

Apart from that I am working on a new CPAN module and ewts has a few more tests committed. This month is pretty busy for me, but I will try to release some of the older work I've been sitting on for over a year.
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