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I picked this one up via twitter. It informs me that I solved #14, not #08. Which I don't doubt it correct. I solved it at like 3am after having had a pretty full on day starting at 6am or so. Anyway, it's a great write up and contains much of the actual challenges as well as the attempted solutions.I made a local mirror at codegate2009.pdf. I still think my description of problem #08 (#14, whatever) is more in depth, but it was a pretty simple challenge.
As usual I'm a little behind on the blogging. The results from the first round of codegate are up, you can see them at http://hacking.beist.org/. On of the CLGT members posted a post event summary from his perspective at http://vnsecurity.net/Members/lamer/archive/2009/03/11/codegate2009/

I noticed that I got blog hits from people looking for clues or solutions through google et al. I didn't get a team and had several other commitments, so I thought I would post the only challenge I got around to solving...#8. Solution after the break.

Codegate 09 is great!

I started late, don't have a team and won't have time to attempt everything due to commitments. So far the challenges have been great. Solved some, completely stumped on others and staying up far too late. I will definitely be there for the next one!!! I hope the challenges will stay up for a while so I can attend the harder ones at a better pace. The challenges are currently open via http://hacking.beist.org/

Codegate is on March 6 2009

This one sneaked up on me. I'm not sure if I've got time, but should I get an invite to a team I will try to make some.
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