Farmville cheat - Wintereenmas extra

For my first wintereenmas based post I have decided to share a farmville cheat. It takes advantage of a timing overlap when visiting a neighbours farm. After you click to visit a neighbours farm, but before the help a friend window appears click to visit the same neighbour again. Again, before the help a friend window appears click to visit the neighbours farm. Keep visiting the neighbour before the window appears. It will load overlapping help a friend windows which you can then repeatedly click for endless, instant amounts of 5xp and 20 gold. Granted the gold isn't that much, but the xp quickly adds up.

How the cheat works should be made quite clear in this video I recorded on a new account (you have to complete the tutorial for this to work);

The cheat no longer works as displayed in the video. If you log back into the account you will be level 0. Publishing the links for leveling may let the neighbours of the cheating farmer get the leveling bonus. Gifting may also work. I haven't bothered testing. You can keep going indefinitely, I just stopped because I hit a lag spike.
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