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April ewts day

Granted, it's a horrible pun, but I needed to post something about ewts. I have been procrastinating over how to reliably collect and measure metrics with ewts and have finally reached the conclusion that there isn't really a good way to do it that encompasses everything I want. Therefor I have decided to scrap the idea of measuring performance against a baseline and will just add tests at random. Once I have more tests in there I will have a better idea of what can and cannot be measured and will revisit the idea of metrics, but for now, lets break some crawlers.
I have started work on a new module, since it is a pure perl module I wanted to try out Module::Starter for setting up the module instead of h2xs. Unfurtunately libmodule-starter-perl is not available for Etch. I backported it from Lenny, and figured I would make it available here;

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