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So it's almost been a month since the last update. The maemo-sdk+ project guys have closed every bug report I have opened, but one and all the .deb packages have finally been compiled. HOWEVER... Maemo-sdk has several dependencies, such as sb2-qemu-arm which.. *drumroll* is not available for Ubuntu Hardyx64.
So it's back to the compile farm while I port more packages, although I think the cross compiler tools might leave me out of my depth if I run into issues. Nor do I intend to become a Ubuntu package maintainer either. So, dear lazyweb, please port these packages for me during the next two weeks and leave me a comment.

Links to the new debs are as follows:

Back on track

I am back on track in the blogosphere after running into an elusive problem with MT. In the end I upgraded to the latest version which resolved the issue. I was unable to locate the underlying cause, but I did pick up some other things and have one patch scheduled for inclusion in the next release of MT. I expect there will be more as I go digging further into the source code. For those curious.. none of it has been security related so far.

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